Frequently Asked Questions

International Flights

Please communicate with Idube Photo Safaris before booking your flights. We like to make sure you have the correct date for both your arrival and departure dates. International flights arrive and depart daily from Johannesburg South Africa.

Wildlife Viewing

All destinations offer great wildlife encounters, including Lion, Elephant, Rhino, leopard, Cape Buffalo, cheetah, antelope, and many bird species. Also Zebra, Giraffe, Hyena, many species of antelope.

Money Exchange

South Africa Money = Rand, Botswana Money= Pula. Best to exchange money at your local bank before your departure for Africa. However the Airports and hotels will normally also have a place to exchange money.


South Africa offers great shopping, with opportunities to purchase local art, baskets, carvings and music. Diamonds and gold can also be great bargains in South Africa. We normally schedule shopping stops, however most of our lodges do have curio shops as well.


Some of our lodges, such as Thakadu River Camp, are in Malaria free areas. However please Check with us about the lodge you are going to. MalaMala and Mashatu are located in Malaria areas and we do recommend you take the proper precautions.


The US State Department web site has these recommendations. http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/ travel/destinations/south-africa.htm Check with your Doctor or Health Care Professional.