David Ziser Photography workshop and Safari Thakadu

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Your Adventure Awaits

All levels of photographers are welcome, as well as non photographers. Kevin will be available for assistance with wildlife Photography.

This is a limited number Safari. We will only have space for 10 rooms including both single and double occupancy. 

David Ziser’s career has spanned over 50 plus years. David is an internationally-renowned wedding/portrait
photographer/author/trainer and has shared his knowledge with tens of thousands of photographers in five languages and in 15
countries worldwide. But as he has wound down his regular businesses over these last few years he, along with his wife LaDawn, have
rapidly ramped up their travels worldwide – on average traveling 50,000 miles to more than 8 countries and shooting more than 45,000
photographs for nearly 7 months a year for the last five years.


How I Became a World Renowned, – Uh, Pretty Good Wildlife Photographer After Three Weeks on Safari with Idube.

Going on Safari has been on my bucket list for years. Being up close and personal with the wildest of wild beasts in Africa seemed like it would be such a “rush” – it was! In preparing for such an experience, several pitfalls needed to be avoided during the trip’s preparation.

And, once in the Safari vehicle chasing rhinos out of the bush, fleeing charging elephants, and staring down a lion 30 feet in front of your camera – yes, all those things happened – you better be a quick study in-order to capture those spectacular moments with your camera.

I will share with you the all-important lessons I learned leading up to my safari experience and everything I learned in those three exciting weeks of shooting. 

David Ziser

Lesedi Cultural Center

aha Lesedi is located in the heart of the African bushveld amidst the rocky hills within the Cradle of Humankind, a World Heritage Site. Discover the fascinating cultures and traditions of the people of Africa, visiting five traditional homesteads inhabited by Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho and Ndebele tribes who live according to tribal folklore and traditions of their ancestors. “Our culture is the light of our nation – whoever walks here amongst our cultures at aha Lesedi can also see the light.” 


Depart USA


April 1st 2020

Arrive Johannesburg


April 2nd 2020


Overnight Emperors Palace

(cost not included)

April 2nd 2020

Shopping & Overnight at Lesedi



April 3rd 2020

Safari Camp

April 4th – 10th 2020

Average day on safari consists of a 545AM wake up, continental breakfast, Game Drive with approx 11am return back to camp. 11:30 Brunch. 1pm photo talk. 2-3pm nap time . 3pm High Tea. 3:30 PM Game Drive. Dinner 730pm. bedtime 9pm.

Return to Johannesburg


April 11th 2020

Flight Home


Late April 11th 2020

Shopping Excursion

African Art and Curios

Cambanos and Son Agencies is a family business started by Jean and Dennis Cambanos in 1982, it was a small curio wholesaler working out of an office in Johannesburg town centre. They offered customers something extra, personal service and the pledge that they would always make sure the customer was happy.

The business is now one of the biggest in South Africa, supplying the world with African curios. But the pledge remains the same “Make sure the customer is happy” and hope they eventually become friends. The business is still run by the family today; Gerry Cambanos is only a phone call away if you require a piece of Africa in your home.

Your Safari

Join Safari experts Kevin and Tricia Dooley on an experience of a lifetime in the exotic African Bush!  Kevin is a well known Wildlife Photographer, his images have won numerous awards by National Geographic, Africa Geographic, Photographic World Cup to mention but a few.  Tricia is South African and loves sharing her passion for wildlife and her homeland.   Spend your mornings and afternoons discovering the many species of wild Africa. Imagine seeing and photographing Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, and many other species in their wild habitat. Witness and learn about their behavior and the beautiful serene Savannahs they call home. Our Safari Game drives are packed full of adventure, knowledge, and excitement! Evenings are spent resting in our comfortable camp where nights are filled with warm candle lit dinners and camp fires. The soft sounds of wild Africa will sing you to sleep whilst your mornings will be greeted with birds waking up a new day in this paradise.  Watch the Giraffe as they walk into the sunset, the Elephant mother helping her newborn baby learn to drink water. See herds of African Antelope grazing on the plains lined with beautiful umbrella Acacia thorn trees.  This is Africa! This is a true Safari adventure that transports you into this magical and life changing place. You will never see life as you once did.  Africa teaches you to see beauty in the wild, find the universe in the Southern night star filled sky, and fall in love with life all over again. Come…..Africa is calling you! 



Thakadu River Camp

The accommodation in Madikwe offers twelve suites, reflecting a strong Afro-Asian safari ambiance, each boasting a viewing deck overlooking the Marico River.

Within the canvas frame of the tented Madikwe accommodation, the interior is uniquely designed to incorporate a full bathroom. Each tent has a sliding door that opens onto a private deck overlooking the river. Every aspect of our guests’ stay and the surrounding camp has been carefully crafted to appeal to all our guests. Whether you are with friends, family or enjoying a romantic getaway, Thakadu River Camp offers an opportunity to connect with nature and discover the magic of an African sunset and the animals that inhabit this special area.

Safari Pricing


$ 1
Per Person

Double Occupancy 

$ 1
Per Person

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