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Kevin Dooley

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Fishing Bears Photography

JULY 2023 Filling fast


Coastal Brown Bears 


Coastal Brown Bears 



Private Safaris with Kevin

Photographer Kevin Dooley

If you are looking for an exclusive private safari, this can be booked with Kevin. He will design a tailor made journey for one guest, a few guests or a family. To book this, please speak with Kevin personally.

Botswana, Africa

Botswana with Kevin Dooley and John Hartman

April 2024

Steve’s Botswana Jamming Safari


Friends of Nature 2024 
 Botswana Safari 
OCT 2024

Pro Media Gear 2023 
 Botswana Safari 
OCT 2023

Exclusive Group, Luxury Safari Botswana

 early Nov 2024 Limited to 8 Guests

Botswana Safari April 2023 
april 2023 Limited to 5 guests




Masai Mara, Kenya

Kenya, africa 2024

South Africa

South Africa With Kevin 


The best of South Africa


South Africa Tigers/Cheetahs  With Kevin Dooley

Sold Out Waitlist Only

Sept/Oct 2024

South Africa with Kevin Dooley 

 2023 October  Sold Out

South Africa Adventures

 2023 March 

Other African Destinations

 The Omo Valley Photography Tour


India & Sri Lanka

Fox photos

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Alaska Bears
I contacted Kevin Dooley with Idube Photo Safaris earlier this year. I told Kevin I was looking for a photography adventure in Alaska. Fortunately for me Kevin had an opening due to a medical cancellation. Kevin told me that this photo workshop was on the Alagnak River at the ATA lodge, a first class lodge with cabins and excellent accommodations. Kevin also assured me that the salmon fishing and bear photography would be an adventure of a lifetime. Kevin fulfilled this promise! This trip was incredible. The accommodations at the lodge, the guides, and the staff were 1st class. I am a seasoned, experienced photographer and I can tell you this: my trip was awesome and beyond my expectations.
Jerry Fleck

Alaska Bears

If you are contemplating going on one of Kevin Dooley’s photo safaris, I would, without reservation, highly recommend your choosing the one that speaks to you and going. I went with a small group on the Fishing Bears Photography trip in Alaska. For me it was an opportunity to fully commit to nature, the bears, photography, and editing. For others, they had the opportunity to fish, take pictures, or relax in any combination they chose. Kevin, made sure everyone’s request for the day was honored. Kevin made himself available to answer all questions and helped everyone with anything they needed. The guides were amazing at siting bears and anticipating their behaviors. I was able to disconnect from my job and the news of the world, which provided me with a profound experience that did not leave me the moment the trip was over. Rather it has reenergized me, and pointed me in a direction I value. I also feel my photography will improve and reflect what I have learned.


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